Wednesday, June 29, 2005

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Let me make the position clear

How does the Government square this circle with access to the proposed Identity Card database.

Hansard 28 Jun 2005 : Column 1156
Mr. Clarke: ..........Let me make the position clear. There will be no open access to information on the register. Private companies will not be able to gain access to or buy national identity register entries........

Well Mr big Ears, from July the German firm Arvato AG, a totally owned subsidiary of Bertelsmann AG, will take over the majority of the administration of the British local authority, the East Riding of Yorkshire, which has around 350,000 inhabitants. About five hundred local authority employees will switch to Bertelsmann. So a German firm will be entrusted with carrying out public duties which were previously under the authority of the British state. These include public and statutory duties ( such as are carried out by a state, local authority or public corporation) to fulfil requirements under public law. The exercise of these powers of government is normally the preserve of responsible local government officials who have a special duty to the local authority and bear allegiance to the state. In a few months Arvato will become responsible for paying wages and social benefits as well as collecting council tax, fees and charges. It will provide a citizens' bureau and the Council's total information technology requirement.


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