Wednesday, July 20, 2005

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The Emergence of the Baltic Question

The Federation of the European Union have entered into a Border dispute with the Russian Federation. reported in Pravda

EU officials said enacting the agreement about the Estonian-Russian border was in the common interests of the European Union. Jack Straw, the Foreign Secretary of Great Britain, the EU chairing state, particularly stated that the ratification of the agreement touched upon the interests of both the Russian Federation and the European Union. The ratification process should be brought to end, Straw said.


The above has reminded me of an eerily prophetic memorandum written in 1925, by Sir James Headlam-Morley, the historical advisor to the British Foreign Office, he explained the critical importance of Eastern Europe to the stability of the continent:

Has anyone attempted to realise what would happen if there were to be a new partition of Poland, or if the Czechoslovak state were to be so curtailed and dismembered that in fact it disappeared from the map of Europe? The whole of Europe would at once be in chaos. There would no longer be any principle, meaning, or sense in the territorial arrangements of the continent. Imagine, for instance, that under some improbable condition, Austria rejoined Germany; that Germany using the discontented minority in Bohemia, demanded a new frontier far over the mountains. . . and that at the same time, in alliance with Germany, the Hungarians recovered the southern slope of the Carpathians. This would be catastrophic, and, even if we neglected to interfere in time to prevent it, we should afterwards be driven to interfere, probably too late.

And prey what has become of Czechoslovakia and has not Austria rejoined Germany within a federal Europe. And as for the southern slope of the Carpathians........ 14 July - Commissioner Danuta Hübner pays first official visit to Romania.

"We want to use all the potential of Europe, and, due to Europe's recent political history, we have huge disparities," said Danuta Hübner, the commissioner for regional policy, "Every citizen has the right to benefit from growth in Europe."

oh well, Sir James Headlam-Morley warned us once before, is there another lesson from history to be drawn here?



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