Monday, May 09, 2005

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Margot (Goebbels) Wallstrom

Warning: this post is vicious and nasty.

In my previous post, I eluded, that EU Propaganda Commissioner Wallstrom was a student of the Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels, who wrote an essay entitled "The Jews are Guilty" which concludes with a list of 10 things we must say again and yet again:

And what do we discover today, Wallstrom unveils "Ten Commandments" on euro-constitution. Now this is pure irony or the bitch does read Goebbels before going to sleep.

While Vaclav Klaus warns that in the new EU, the countries will lose their exclusive right to draft their own legislation and the Czech Republic's weight will diminish in the voting procedures, Wallstrom says that the treaty will establish a fairer and more efficient decision-making process in the EU and simplify its legal system. She is of the view that more controlling powers will be delegated to the elected European Parliament, while the European public, too, will have a greater influence on EU policies.

Wallstrom said that these were the arguments she would use with him (Klaus). Everyone tries to submit the best arguments.

And from Margots bedtime reading The Coming Europe by Joseph Goebbels

You and the Czech people will have to make up your minds. Do not tell me that the Czech people wants this or that. I think I know something about leadership. A people thinks the way its intelligentsia teaches it to think. It has the ideas of its intellectual leaders. It is your intellectual duty to make clear to the Czech people the decision they should make. Should you not tell them that the Czech people have chosen the right side? You have seen Rotterdam. That should enable you to properly evaluate the decision your president made [to accept German occupation].

The above is from a blunt speech, given when Goebbels addressed Czechoslovakian artists and journalists who were visiting Berlin. Goebbels told his audience that they had better get used to the fact of German (European union) rule. The speech was given on 11 September 1940. Goebbels credited himself with a rhetorical masterpiece. His diary entry for 14 September 1940 notes: "My speech to the Czechs was a tremendous success. It entirely changed their outlook. Even I hadn't expected that to happen."

Wallstrom said. "It is not yet late. This requires time"

I say, Wallstom is a Nazi student



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