Thursday, March 24, 2005

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Short - Straw (up-dated)

After asking Jack Straw a question (The Question), to which he was giving an answer (The Answer ). Clare Short, from a sedentary position, accused Jack Straw of misleading the House (the polite way of saying he is a liar). In essence, Straw said, that the Cabinet did have an opportunity to question the Attorney General on the legality of the war, Clare Short says "not true".

Later, when Peter Hain, was outlining Parliamentary business for next week, a conservative raised a Point of Order [24 Mar 2005] and requested that Straw returns to the House, to correct his earlier statement.

Dr. Julian Lewis (New Forest, East) (Con): On a point of order, Madam Deputy Speaker. During the proceedings on the urgent question, before you were in the Chair, there was an exchange when the right hon. Member for Birmingham, Ladywood (Clare Short) contradicted the Foreign Secretary very firmly from a sedentary position, stating that despite what he had said, there had been no opportunity at the Cabinet meeting for members of the Cabinet to question the Attorney-General on the legal advice that was given. Can you tell me whether Mr. Speaker has received any notification from the Foreign Secretary that he wishes to come to the Chamber to correct the record, in the light of that straight contradiction of what he told the House?

This subject will not die, unlike old soldiers, It will not even fade away.

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