Sunday, March 13, 2005

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Most Finns Want a Strong President

This situation is well worth watching, as I have observed before Here and here, If Finland sign up to the EU constitution there will be a loss of Sovereignty. The EU constitution takes away the Finnish President's right to participate in EU summits, etc.

However, as reported here UUTISET A majority of Finns want no changes in the powers of the President. While some politicians have called for curbing Presidential powers, the population at large are overwhelmingly opposed to any such curbs, and many would like to increase the authority of the President.

As an aside the Finns Believe Euro Led to Higher Prices A clear majority of Finns are certain that the transition to the common European currency has led to higher prices. According to a poll commissioned by Sunnuntaisuomalainen, the Sunday supplement of a number of provincial Finnish newspapers, 78 percent feel that joining the euro has pushed up prices.

So it would seem, that our Scandinavian neighbours are waking up to the real consequences of ever closer union.



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