Tuesday, March 08, 2005

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Institute of Directors, EU "No"

While the Government, manipulating public taxes, will try to convince us that the EU constitution is needed in the interests of trade, the leaders of private business realise that a greater centralisation of powers will lock the UK into the very high regulation politics/economics which have aggravated the high levels of unemployment and low growth in the French and Germany economies.

A poll of the membership of the Institute of Directors this week found that 49 per cent are against the EU Constitution, with just 29 per cent in favour.

Even more significant is that the more that directors knew about the Constitution, the more opposed they were to it.

Among those who felt they knew only "a little" about the Constitution, 48 per cent were opposed.

Among those who felt "moderately well-informed" 56 per cent were against.

Among those who felt "very well informed" 60 per cent were opposed, and only 22 per cent were in favour.

Of the directors responding 86 per cent said they thought the Constitution would lead to an increase in regulation, compared to only three per cent who thought it would lead to a decrease.

And 48 per cent recognised that more EU coordination of economic and social policies would lead to a weaker UK economic performance, while only 21 percent believed that it would help.



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