Thursday, February 24, 2005

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Finland, tidying up exercise

As reported in virtual Finland Finnish Euro-MP, is suggesting that the government appoint a working group to tweak the constitution, particularly its clauses on the EU powers of the president and the prime minister.

I picked up on this here and commented on the Yes blog here, Alexander Stubb said in European Parliament on Friday that the new EU constitutional treaty would deprive Finland's president and foreign minister of the right to take part in European Council meetings

which elicited a response from no less than- Lauri, Assistant to Alex Stubb. Who wrote-- Take a portion of a text out of context and go for it.......Always leads to misunderstandings about president:....... In Finland PM is responsible for EU politics, not the President. When the European Council becomes an official EU institution, it is no longer a question of Finnish foreign policy, but EU policy. Thus the conclusion. This has more to do with the Finnish constitution than the European one... :o)

So, as I have written, loss of Soverignty



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