Wednesday, February 16, 2005

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We are in control of our Borders

I ask my self, has Blunket been moonlighting

UK Passport Program

Although UK does not have an instant citizenship or an investment citizenship programs, we can still help you obtain UK residency and citizenship by way of first acquiring the passport of Guyana or St. Kitts through the official investment program. Both nations are members of the British Commonwealth and by official rules, persons with the passport from one of these two nations can apply for UK citizenship after 3 years of residence.

Using our high-level channels in London, we can greatly facilitate the process of getting resident status and later on applying for citizenship, or, if the applicant first acquires his Guyana or St. Kitts through us, for an additional fee of Euro 2,000 we can arrange for the 3-year residency requirement to be waived and the citizenship to be granted in a matter of weeks.

European Union Passport Programs

Having a second passport from an EU country provides excellent benefits in terms of visa-free travel to most countries worldwide and the ability to live and work in any EU country of your choice.

Although many companies claim to offer help in obtaining second passport from one of the EU countries, most of the times what they really offer is the official residency program. Although this indeed provides the opportunity to apply for EU citizenship later on, these residency programs have such major disadvantages as high cost (the necessity to invest significant amounts in the country’s economy) and the need to stay and work in the country for years before applying for citizenship.

Our company, besides working with those who find the official residency programs quite suitable to their needs, also has an opportunity to offer help in acquiring second passport in several EU countries to people who need a fully legal, duly issued EU passport in a much shorter time and for less money.

We have been in this business for several years, and having established close contacts with high-ranking officials within the governmental offices of these EU nations, can now offer help with acquiring an EU passport without the necessity to go through long and expensive residency period. The time frame for our exclusive second passport program is usually around four weeks with prices starting as low as Euro 9,000 for Czech Republic Passport. Besides Czech Republic, we offer EU Passports in Slovenia, Austria, and Denmark.

So what is going on here, if like me you are confused, then why not drop a line to The Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner By clicking the link, it takes you directly to the commissioners e-mail page.

"Britain Back" to its own border controls, " not Forward" to EU immigration anarchy



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