Friday, February 18, 2005

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Vote yes for the EURO

Is anybody tracking the European Union Bill. Anne Palmer is:

Please note the change of words in "The European Union Bill" before Parliament (page 24) Article 14

(1)"For the words from "to move to" to "1992" substitute "to adopt the euro" in accordance with Protocol 13 to the EU treaty (the protcol on certain provisions relating to the United Kingdom as regards economic and monetary union.

(2) after "economic policies" insert "and"; and

(3) for the words from "Article 2" onwards substitute "Article 1-3 of that Treaty as provided for in Articles III-178 and III-179".

There are so many changes of words throughout, that if you have not glanced at the whole, it might be as well to do just that. Regards Anne

Now read the above in relation to Article 1-8 of the EU Constitution

The currency of the Union "shall be" the euro.

I have a sneaking suspicion that if there is a "YES" vote and if Labour are in power, the Government will state, that there is no need for a referendum on the EURO, as its adoption is enshrined within the document the populace has just voted "YES" for.

No need to call me a cynic. My name is Anoneumouse and I have a drink problem. (hic)



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