Wednesday, June 27, 2012

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Environmentalism is a Religion

Environmentalism, in the form of Climate Change Alarmism, is a religion.

Note the structural and behavioral similarities:

Monk = Scientist - They provide the articles of the faith

Priest = Journalist - They spread the faith and convert the faithful

Sin = Carbon Emissions - How an individual's acts hurt the community

Salvation = Energy Reduction - How an individual can redeem oneself

Indulgences = Carbon Credits - Buying forgiveness

Church = IPCC - Organisation in charge of the faith

Bible = IPCC Reports - the official guidebook to the faith

Evangelists = Activists - aggressive promoters of the faith

God = Gaia - the "superhuman" who will "judge" us

Lovelock = Judas - the betrayer of the faith, the apostate

Hell = 2 degree temperature rise - hot/cold/dry/wet whatever is bad will be worse

Signs from God = Any Storm or Drought

Tithes = Carbon Taxes - every religion needs money

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