Sunday, June 17, 2012

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Cameron should know his place

The Anglo Saxon Chronicle has learned that Tony Blair has said that it is "critical" that the UK helps to shape the political reconstruction of Europe in the wake of the eurozone crisis.

The ex-Labour leader was speaking to the BBC this Weekend. Asked if he would take a leading role in the reconstruction as an elected president, Blair said: "That's way, way down the line. When the European presidency came up last time I would have taken it if the job had been offered."


Blogger Edward Spalton said...

It was a French Prime Minister, Raymond Barre, who said "I never understood why public opinion should be taken into account in European affairs"

And, of course, Kinnock and Blair have passed beyond its gravitational field.

During the Blair years, I attended a meeting of the local pensioners' association (effectively a Labour party fief). Every time someone on the platform mentioned Blair, the pensioners all hissed. Yet it had not the slightest effect on the platform party or the conduct of the meeting.

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