Sunday, January 08, 2012

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High Speed Rail (letter to my MP)

Here we are Mr Stevenson, 2012 and good old 'Dave' (our rouge Prime Minister) is chanting that the Olympics and Diamond Jubilee will help get Britain 'up to strength'?

Well, in the colloquial vernacular: BOLLOCK's

As my elected representative (yes, I did vote Tory) lets put your legal training to our advantage.

If you are not familiar with, I would suggest you look up 'Pepper v Hart' and then think about asking the following questions in the house.

Theoretically, HS2 approval will only, be controversial while the track is being laid, this will be the only portion where local unskilled labour will be required.


Who will make the steel for the tracks?
Who will roll the steel for the tracks?
Who will make the sleepers?
Who will provide the rolling stock and the locomotives?
Who will provide the signalling, and manufacture the signalling hardware?
Who will write the signalling software?
Who will make the "communications" equipment?

Oh dear "communications"

The United Kingdom is bound to comply with European Union Directives and with agreements entered into by the European Union with other countries.


Remember a 'REAL VETO' only gives power to stop changes, not to adopt them.

Repatriation pah



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