Saturday, January 07, 2012

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Colloquial Vernacular

Police have launched an investigation into an incident, which reportedly took place during the Liverpool v Oldham' FA Cup football match last night.

The crowd are aledgedly guilty of chanting "Fucking Black Bastard" at an Oldham player.

I have a real problem here!

Every government department on their employmnet ethnicity documents ask you to describe yourself.

The options for Blacks are:

"Black or Black British, Caribbean, African, Any other Black background."

The fact is, Gay or Straight we all FUCK!

So the Liverpool crowd shouted the colloquial vernacular for "illegitimate"

So do we know the paternaty of Tom Adeyemi

All they have to do next game is call the referee a 'fucking white bastard' and they will be fully compliant with EU Directive 2000/43/EC


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