Saturday, October 22, 2011

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Elephant in the womb

Willy-Nilly Hague has urged Tory MPs not to vote for a referendum on Britain's future in the European Union.

The following is a Comment left by peterooo on Hague article:


"On Monday, the House of Commons will vote on a motion for a referendum on whether Britain should remain a member of the European Union."

On Monday, the British political elite will collude in rejecting an attempt by the British people to vote on the merger of Britain with an illegitimate, undemocratic, foreign power called the EU."

"Our policy is very clear: we believe that Britain should be in Europe, not run by Europe. We believe that Europe needs fundamental reform. As a Conservative, I want to bring powers back from Europe, as we set out in our election manifesto. But a referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU, especially at this time of profound economic uncertainty, is not the

"Our policy is very clear: we believe Britain should be merged with the EU but not merged with the EU. As a Conservative, I want to unmerge Britain from that which it is my intent to merge it with. Giving the British people a democratic vote on EU merger is an answer I reject - especially at this time of profound economic chaos... caused by our attempt at EU merger."

"The eurozone crisis is the epicentre of global economic difficulties. Monetary union without greater fiscal integration has not worked. But the countries of the eurozone are our closest neighbours; more than 40 per cent of our trade is with them. Nothing would do more to help our economic recovery than a resolution of the eurozone’s difficulties, while its disorderly break-up would have a very serious impact on our economy."

"The EU merger is at the epicentre of global economic collapse. Partial-merger has not worked. Britain cannot have real trading partnerships with Europe - where each country retains its political independence. Nothing would do more help to our dire economic situation than pursuing Britain's merger with the mess that has caused it in the first place."

"But despite these many burdens and nuisances, the EU brings advantages that are enjoyed daily by people and businesses across the country and that are important for our prosperity: nearly untrammelled free trade across 27 countries, enforceable legal rights to work in all those nations, and combined clout in trade talks to open new markets for our goods and services."

"But despite the impossibility of EU merger (and the inevitability of the war it will cause), merging Britain with the EU brings many advantages to people across the country - we can trade in exactly the same way as we could as an independent sovereign state."

"The ability to lead European countries to a united position, as with sanctions on Iran and Syria... directive 2009/147/EC prevents the slaughter of our garden birds as they migrate over the Mediterranean"

"A merged EU will be able to bully far-flung tinpot countries in the same way it does the peoples in its own territory... and it can save sparrows too!"

"A decade ago, many thought that we could settle our position on Europe as “thus far and no further”. That is no longer adequate. There may be debates about means and timing, but the Conservative Party is united around the goal of bringing powers back from Brussels to Britain. That is what we stand for, that is our aim now and that is what we will campaign for in futur elections."

"A decade ago I thought we should stop the merger of Britain with the EU. That is no longer adequate for my sense of self importance. The Conservative Party is now united in fobbing off voters with empty guarantees to unmerge the country from the EU mechanism it is intent on merging Britain with. That deceit is what the modern Conservative Party stands for, EU merger is our aim and we will not let a small obstacle like the British electorate get in our way."


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