Saturday, March 12, 2011

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Civil Disobedience

In a response to a question asked by independent Labour Peer Lord Stoddart of Swindon, the government has confirmed that Eurostat, the European Union’s statistics department, will be given information from the 2011 national census.

Under the provisions of Regulation (EC) No 763/2008
of the European Parliament and of the Council of 9 July 2008 on population and housing censuses, the UK and all other member states are required to make available to Eurostat, by the end of March 2014, a set of standardised statistical outputs derived from a census or comparable statistical sources relating to the year 2011. The specific form and content of these tabulations are set out in two Commission Regulations, (EC) No 1201/2009
of 30 November 2009 and (EU) No 519/2010 of 16 June 2010. The National Statistician will use statistical data from the 2011 Census to meet this obligation on behalf of the UK.

The Census Questionnaire states that, "your personal information is protected by law, census information is kept confidential for 100 years"

So who's law would that be then?

Note: I am not going to fill out the census document: Whilst this country is a member of the European Union, the guarantees of privacy that this government gives are bogus.

I want my day in court.

Yeah, I know some will say it's just Anoneumouse 'chutzpah' But friends, remember 'chutzpah' is a yiddish word!


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