Wednesday, August 11, 2010

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NDM-1 brought to you by dirty PAKIES

Q: How would I know if I had it?

So far, many of the UK cases have been in patients who have recently travelled to....Pakistan for medical treatment and who caught the infection while there.

But, some of these patients have passed the infection on to others in UK hospitals upon their return.

The infections have ranged from mild to severe - and some have been fatal.

Two types of bacteria have been host to NDM-1: the gut bacterium E.coli and another that can invade the lungs called Klebsiella pneumonia. Both can lead to urinary tract infections and blood poisoning.

Infections such as these would usually be spotted in patients by medics.

BBC News

Q: Can its spread be stopped?

Experts say the way to stop it is through surveillance, rapid identification and isolation of any hospital patients who are infected.

So what about adding immigration control to the mix?

A proper job for the UK Border Agency.


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