Wednesday, July 07, 2010

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Another Whitewash

Dear Anoneumouse

Misuse of House of Lords logo

Thank you for your letter dated 30/6/10 which helpfully clarified how and when Lord Oxburgh used the House of Lords 'logo' which formed the basis of your complaint.

I have carefully considered your complaint and note you citation of Rules Governing the Use of Facilities - Paragraph 12. I would draw your attention to Paragraph 4 of the same document which deals specifically with House of Lords headed paper. In view of the guidance set out at Paragraph 4 and the content of Lords Oxburgh's letter dated 10/3/10, I am of the view that a formal investigation would not be justified as any breach would, even if established, be considered as trivial. The letter is very clear as to what bodies have sponsored the re-evaluation group and cites a university email address for replies. It makes no mention of the House of Lords other than by reason of the author using House of Lords headed paper. I will, however, ensure that Lord Oxburgh is advised of your complaint and concern that his use of House of Lords headed paper in the context of the work commissioned by the University of East Anglia and the Royal Society was inappropriate.

Paul Kernaghan CBE QPM
Commissioner for Standards


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