Saturday, March 13, 2010

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Hadrian's CO2 Fest

Tonight Hadrian's Wall was lit from end to end by a team of 1000 volunteers holding flaming torches.

The "line of light" followed the 84-mile walking trail, which shadows the route of the Roman wall between what was Scotland and the borders of Cumberland and Northumberland. Volunteers, each holding a gas-powered beacon, stood at 820ft intervals, between Wallsend and Bowness-on-Solway

Organisers described the response for volunteers as "overwhelming", with people travelling from as far afield as Canada and Australia to take part in the CO2 emission fest.

Small Pollution, Questionable Relevance

Global Warming alarmists contend that the degree of global warmth over the latter part of the 20th century was greater than it has been at any other time over the past one to two millennia, because this contention helps support their claim that what they call the "unprecedented" temperatures of the past few decades were CO2-induced.

Hence, they cannot tolerate the thought that the medieval warm period of a thousand years ago could have been just as warm as, or even warmer than, it has been recently, especially since there was so much less CO2 in the air a thousand years ago than there is now.

Likewise, they are equally loath to admit that temperatures of the Roman Warm Period of two thousand years ago may also have rivaled, or exceeded, those of the recent past, since atmospheric CO2 concentrations at that time were also much lower than they are today. As a result, global warming alarmists rarely even mention the Roman Warm Period


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