Thursday, March 12, 2009

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Yesterday saw the second reading of the postal bill that will, if passed, see the break-up of Royal Mail – with a large part of it sold to a private bidder.

Lord Mandelson opened proceedings in the Lords and denounced those who peddle "fiction" about this bill and the government's intentions for Royal Mail.

Many Labour MPs oppose it. Labour peer Lord Clarke, an ex-postman, said he would fight the bill "to the last".

But after hours of debate, in which the Conservatives and Lib Dems indicated they would support the bill at this stage, he withdrew his amendment to "kill off" the plans.

He said he had been in politics long enough to know he could not "possibly win a vote in this House tonight" - but pledged to continue campaigning against the Postal Services Bill, which will now go to committee stage for detailed examination.


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