Monday, December 08, 2008

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Oder Oder

Over the weekend Gordon Brown said he has a "great deal of confidence" in House of Commons Speaker Michael Martin.

Today opposition members in Parliament criticised the Government for "clamping down" on debate on the Damian Green affair, with noisy and bad tempered scenes in the Commons.

One member said (I think it was Douglas Hogg) that the government was guilty of "concealment, duplicity, whitewash and cover up". The Government tabled a motion, which MP's claimed was different to that announced by the Speaker last week.

Leader of the Commons Harriet Harman insisted it was essential an investigation into the affair by MPs should wait until after the police probe into Home Office leaks is over.

The Government won the vote by 4 votes, but as the Labour party member Bob Marshall-Andrews put it, he and his Labour colleagues were under a "three-line whip" - to do Gordon's bidding.

Ernst Röhm eat your heart out


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