Sunday, December 07, 2008

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Irish people ignored (you will vote again)

Ireland's prime minister will tell European Union leaders on Thursday that he will ignore the will of the Irish people and hold a second referendum on the stalled Lisbon Treaty.

Diplomats said a deal had been struck between Ireland, EU president France and EU legal services in Brussels under which the Lisbon Treaty -- assuming a "Yes" vote second time around -- should enter into force by January 2010.

Cowen will seek assurances from his EU peers at the Dec. 11-12 meeting that the treaty will not undermine Ireland's own policies in sensitive areas such as abortion, taxation and military neutrality, the diplomats said.

So here is a question he should ask with regard to military neutrality:

Could the research and technological developments contained in Article 179 of the Lisbon Treaty include the military use of space, and could the joint undertakings contained in Article 187 of the Lisbon Treaty be undertaken in the area of military use of space?

It may also assist in understanding these people if you read the Sunday Telegraph


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