Sunday, October 19, 2008

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Let's build autobahns

The Chancellor of the Exchequer Alistair Darling has said in an interview published today "Britain will boost public spending to help pull the economy through a looming recession" .

"This is a time when you have to support the economy," Darling said

The government would also press ahead with plans for two new aircraft carriers and a new nuclear deterrent programme, he added.

Other key investments include London's 2012 Olympic Games, for which the budget is 9.3 billion pounds and Crossrail -- a new 16-billion-pound railway line across the capital.

"What I want to avoid is getting ourselves in a position governments have done in the past where you face an immediate problem and cut back on the things the country will need in the future," Darling added.

Oh may Darling, oh my Darling your sort of National Socialism has been here before they did that in the 1930's.

The National Socialists seizure of power in 1933 Germany was followed by the introduction of an extensive ‘package’ of government policies to expand demand and increase investment in order to pull the economy through a looming recession. These policies were not Keynesian, but hey... Germany got Pocket Battle ships, Railroads, Motorways and even an Olympic Games.


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