Thursday, October 16, 2008

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Franco' general; niño de amor de s

" You' el re no ir a pararnos. We' el ll continúa [con Lisboa]. Hay maneras de hacerlo. Ésta es la historia del EU."

According to the Irish Times A Spanish MEP has threatened Brian Cowen the Irish Prime Minister over the Lisbon treaty.

One of the colleagues of our Conservative party EPP grouping in the EU, Íñigo Méndez de Vigo (pictured) has said to the Irish "You're not going to stop us. We'll go ahead [with Lisbon]. There are ways to do it. This is the history of the EU." (history of 1930's Spain too)

De Vigo was soon demanding Cowen's resignation: "To me it is shocking that a government that held a referendum and failed is still in office. A government that puts a question to a referendum and loses has to resign: that's democracy."

(That will be Spanish 1930’s democracy then)

And what if Ireland voted No again in 2009? What then of the Lisbon Treaty, the paper asked de Vigo.

"What then of Ireland?" he responded.

Now come on you have to admit there is a striking resemblance. He could be general Franco's love child


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