Monday, July 07, 2008

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Mr Beaten's Cooked Book

Cut down on food waste so you can save enough to pay for the car tax hike and the 10 per cent EU biofuel target.

That seems to be the underlying message coming out of the cabinet office today.

Mr Beaten the Prime Minister has said think before you buy food - as research found British households are throwing away hundreds of pounds worth every year.

Gordon Brown said "unnecessary" purchases were contributing to price hikes that have left many people struggling to pay bills. Waste could be reduced by storing fruit and vegetables better to stop them going off, and planning meals so goods are used up rather than ditched.

The Government is publishing its long-awaited Gallagher report into biofuels today. The research is expected to conclude that biofuels have driven up global food prices, as farmers devote increasing amounts of agricultural land to growing them.

The report is highly critical of the EU's 10 per cent target for biofuel use in transport by 2020, which Prof Gallagher believes could worsen food shortages.

It seems to me that it is about time we started to put into store the 'fruits and vegetables' of this Labour Government.


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