Thursday, January 03, 2008

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Make it a Happy New Year

Campaign for a Referendum on the European Constitution

Click on the link above for your post cards or alternatively cut and past and send the letter below

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II,
Buckingham Palace

Your Majesty,

I appeal to you to defend and uphold the British Constitution, as you promised us in your Coronation Oath. I urge you to refuse your Royal Assent to any Bill to enact the E.U. Reform Treaty, unless we, the British people, have first been allowed to have our say in a fair referendum. You promised to govern us according to our laws and customs. The Bill of Rights 1689 states that we should never be ruled by ‘foreign powers’.

In 2004, after large numbers of Britons petitioned both you and your government, Tony Blair promised us a referendum on the European Constitution. As nearly all European and British leaders agree, the E.U. Reform Treaty is a virtual carbon copy of the European Constitution, with around 99% of its wording the same as four years ago.

This Treaty will bring in a European government. Britain would be forced to accept a European foreign and defence policy, including an E.U. army and paramiltary units with the right to operate on our soil. Precious rights such as the presumption of innocence and trial by jury will no longer be guaranteed. Under the Treaty, the E.U. will have power to further remove what independence we have left, without our consent. You may by convention have to follow government advice when giving Royal Assent, but, equally, the government must not give you unconstitutional advice.



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