Sunday, December 16, 2007

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High Noon

The Curry King, Sir Gulam Noon, who was one of four people offered a peerage in exchange for secretly loaning money to the Labour party before the 2005 general election, wrote a letter to a Commons select committee, who were investigating the Cash for Honors affair.

In his letter he set out his side of the story and the letter is expected to be released on Wednesday when the public administration select committee publishes its report into the affair. In the letter Noon said that the Labour party had solicited a loan, rather than a donation, from him.

Tony Blairs close friend, Lord 'Cash Point' Levy said last night that he was unhappy with the letter and he indicated that he had made clear to the Commons committee through his lawyers that he would have been happier if the Noon letter had remained secret.

I bet he does

Expect a private prosecution soon!


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