Saturday, October 13, 2007

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Piss Poor Treaty

Bulgaria is threatening to block the new European Union Treaty in a row over whether the word euro must be pronounced "EV-roh" or "Eh-Yoo-Roh".

The EU has insisted that the non-Cyrillic euro is used in official documents in the Bulgarian language, overriding Bulgaria's Ebpo, pronounced evro. Telegraph

Bulgarians argue that euro, pronounced "Eh-Yoo-Roh", sounds more like their word eurina ("Eh-Yoo-ree-na"), meaning urine, than Evropa (EV-roh-Pah), meaning Europe.

"This is not a 'you say tomato I say tomayto question'," said a Bulgarian diplomat. "This goes to the heart of Bulgaria's national identity.

But all this isn't new. Latvia, which is due to adopt the euro in 2008, has already said it will call the euro the “eiro” because the “eu” dipthong doesn’t exist in Latvian. Joining in its linguistic rebellion are neighbouring Lithuania, which has opted for “euras”, Hungary, which wants the “o” to have an accent, Malta, which prefers ewro, and Slovenia evro.

As Richard North points out on the EUreferendum blog, this is just one of the strawmen (fake fights), which EU leaders use to pull the wool over the eye's of its citizens, in preparation for the IGC


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