Thursday, November 30, 2006

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Watching us, watching them

Guido makes an interesting observation in his post entitled Hello Home Office Blog Watchers

The Home Office has apparently set up a blog watch facility.

Peter Griffiths, head of the Home Office Information Services Unit told the Online Information Conference in London yesterday -

"Blogs are increasingly used as a political tool. Political blogging has risen rapidly in the last 18 months and will no doubt be important in next year's French elections. The most visited political blog Guido Fawkes is as popular as Private Eye magazine. Fawkes publishes his server logs on his site to show that politicians go there and use the site. "There are stories that appear in the media that we tracked using traditional press cuttings services, but blogging is not tracked by cuttings agencies. Monitoring news is important as so much affects us as a government. "We see a number of newspapers are crediting the blogs that gave them the lead. The Home Office used its library current awareness service to track blogs.

This will be the same Peter Griffiths that appears to have contravened 'The Civil Service Code', by publishing a book entitled: Setting Up a Library and Information Service from Scratch
Pantry, Sheila and Griffiths, Peter
Facet Publishing, September 2005
ISBN 1 85604 558 7. £29.95

The Civil Service code quite clearly states: 6 You must not:
misuse your official position, for example by using information acquired in the course of your official duties to further your private interests or those of others;

As Head of the Home Office's Information Services Group, Peter Griffiths, is most definitely a Civil Servant, he manages the government department's internet, extranet and intranet services, an internal knowledge base, and a briefing unit for its ministers as well as its library services. He was previously at the Department of Health and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

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