Tuesday, November 21, 2006

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"The fourth emergency service!"

Tony Blair has announced plans to create a network of 'supernannies' across the country to advise parents on how to deal with unruly children.

The Prime Minister said he would spend £4m introducing a national network of experts in a bid to tackle antisocial behaviour.

Dismissing arguments that the initiative might smack of the nanny state as "just rubbish", Blair said: "No-one's talking about interfering in a normal family life.

Well, far from me to interfere with the 'Chief Nanny' but is he sure £4m is enough. You are not going to employ 80 expert psychologists on the national minimum wage and they are also going to require office accommodation, IT support, light, heat and fuel for the transport, which also has to be provided.

The starting salary for a graduate trainee psychologist is likely to be around £20,000 a year. For more experienced psychologists, salaries can range between £22,500 and £37,000 a year. Senior psychologists, responsible for managing a department and a number of staff, can earn from £37,000 to £60,000.

Psychologists in the private sector or in industry may earn up to £100,000.

All sounds a bit 'Mary Poppins' to me

Um fiddle diddle, um diddle lie

Super nanny unrealistic figures quite atrocious



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