Sunday, July 23, 2006

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Scottish loan for English party

According to new evidence, a firm controlled by businessman Malcolm Scott, a treasurer for the Scottish Tories, loaned £200,000 to the Conservatives last year with interest paid at less than the Bank of England base rate. Sunday Times

So what were the Bank of Scotland's base rates

English loans for English parties, or should we have a 'Bank of Britain'

AT THE NEXT ELECTION what will we really achieve unless we use our vote to kick the 'corrupt parties' out of Parliament, all we have to do, is simply voting INDEPENDENT.

Obviously if the party candidate depends on the party for his ticket on to the gravy-train, then the party depends upon us to continue voting for their "corrupt party".

The sooner we stop voting for parties, the sooner their game will be up and control of the country will return to the people, where it really belongs. Individual liberty is the real democracy, not this collectivist sham that gives you a vote but takes away your power after you have voted.

At the next election, the only "wasted vote" would be that given to ANY party, which perpetuates the "elective dictatorship". We would be helping to create a free parliament once again, which can stop bad government before it occurs, instead of having to wait FIVE YEARS to try to repair the damage!


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