Sunday, July 16, 2006

Feel free to copy, there is no copyright on an Anoneumouse montage. (click on image to enlarge)

Put in my place

I have been ticked off by Andy Davey cartoonist for nicking elements of his cartoons in my posting 'montage' accompaniments.

here is what he wrote

Dear Anoneumouse

I have just been alerted (by my fellow cartoonist Matt Buck) to your use of some cartoon material of mine, obviously nicked from my website [the graphic of Blair in "Sleazier then you" and "That's the way to do it", 16/7/06 - credit - anoneumouse].
(It was actually a google.com cache)

I'm generally in favour of political blogs - they're satirical, occasionally funny, and they stir up the poo. However, you obviously have a political aim (EU withdrawal, for example), which I don't agree with. Scrolling down your blog, I notice you've also pinched work from other cartoonists (Steve Bell and Martin Rowson, for example) for use in your montages. I do not want my work used to promote political aims I disagree with.

There are laws of copyright protection. My website contains a specific instruction that all artwork is copyright-protected and permission should be sought. If you want to make money or mileage out of my artwork, ask me first. A simple e-mail request would be polite. Don't nick stuff - didn't your mum tell you it's not nice?

Andy Davey

So according to Andy all montages are illegal, 'copyright wise'

Hmmmmmmmmm, my mum taught me that, to use another person’s work without his permission is legal only when one uses it in such a manner as not to cause the essential characteristics in the expressive form of the work to be perceived directly as such.

I guess, I shouldn't take the piss! 'Mum' never really knew how to suck egg's.

Parody needs to mimic original, at least to the extent the audience can perceive the original expression. Therefore, if one has to make the original expression unperceivable in order to avoid infringement, there is no way to create parody as a logical consequence.


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