Wednesday, June 14, 2006

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Geoff Hoon wants a debate

A new mission to explain the value of the European Union to the British public is to be announced by Europe minister Geoff Hoon today.

After years of successive Tory and Labour leaders vowing to put the nation at the heart of Europe, Baff Hoon is effectively saying it is time to put Europe at the heart of Britain.

He will use his first keynote speech since becoming Europe minister (for the second time) to set out a new agenda explaining how and why the EU is central to tackling many major concerns of the public.

But will he tell us, that the EU landfill directive is the reason why the LABOUR GOVERNMENT want to TAX you more to empty your rubbish bin.

Yes, dear reader, courtesy of the EU, the costs of one of our most basic council services is to increase three to four-fold. The Labour Government is actively considering whether homeowners should paying a second tax to meet the expense.

THE EU landfill directive currently estimated at £5-8 billion a year, on top of an investment of £10 billion to provide the alternative disposal infrastructure.

You want to debate? OK, let's have the promised EU REFERENDUM, that will give us all something to talk about.


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