Friday, June 16, 2006

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On the 16th of June my boys that was the very Day
when we Received Orders for to March Away
To face the tyrants Army My Lads then we was bound
That on the plains of Waterloo Encamped was Around.

We espied out foes Next Morning As in A wood they lay
And like Britons we Advanced to Show them British Play
Our Grape Shot flew Among them to Put them to the Route
But still those Cowardly Raskels Refused to Come Out.

When Wellington Saw their Cowardlyness he Ordered a Retreat
Which Order Was Complied With His Design It was Compleat
We Retired through the Village of Geenap As you soon Shall Hear
Followed by A Large Collum of the Enemies Lancers.

But In Our Retreat the horrid thunder began to Roar
And Rain Like unto Rivuletts upon the Ground did Pour
But our brave English heroes Endured both heat and Cold
and Caused Our foe to Rue the Day the truth I soon unfold.

The first that Charged Was the Lifeguards the Enemy to Subdue
They Charged a Collum of Lancers And Caused them to Rue
Till Half An hours hard fighting those heroes Did Endure
And Left 3 hundred Lancers A bleeding in their Gore.

When they Returned from their Work Our Regt. Was Called Out
For to face those french Dogs and Put them to the Route
But the Noble Earl of Uxbridge Some Danger Did Espie
Kings Dr Guards three about he Loudly then Did Cry.

The Cunning french 3 field Pieces had Placed in the town
Thinking As We advanced to Cut Our heroes Down
But Our brave Commander Soon Ordered us Away -
And then brought up Some English Guns And on them began to Play.

Then We Again Retired and Inticed them on the Plain
And Gained a Good position Wich we was Determined to Maintain
But the Night began fast Advancing we Could no longer see
And Neither of the Armies Could Claim the Victory

Trumpeter Samuel Wheeler
1st Kings Dragoon Guards
After Quatre Bras on the eve of Waterloo 1815



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