Friday, May 26, 2006

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EU foreign nationals

To Rt. Hon.Geoff Hoon MP and Rt. Hon. John Reid
Minister for Europe and Home Secretary
House of Commons


Dear Rt. Hon. Mr.Hoon and Rt. Hon.Mr. Reid,

In view of the latest revelations from the Home Office regarding who should and should not be in our country, we are prompted to write expressing our concerns and we require answers to a number of questions on this subject. We will be writing individually to our respective MPs as protocol requires, but feel as though the matter is so important that the public at large are made aware immediately so that they too can bring the matter to the attention of their own Member of Parliament.

We are becoming increasingly aware and concerned of the consequences of the Single European Act, the cornerstone of the European Project, and other subsequent Treaties agreements and directives. In particular, a most serious concern is the right of the ‘free movement of people’ throughout the 25 (soon to become 27) Member States of the European Union.

The public, along with the press and media, appear to be waking up to what is taking place in this country as a direct consequence of our membership of the European Union.

No doubt the European Commission and the British Government will argue that this disastrous state of affairs requires more integration. We think however, that there will be increasing demands from the British public that we reassert proper control over our borders.

The subject of illegal immigration is a completely separate one to the free movement of people. We hope that you do not confuse the two issues.

We wish therefore to submit a number of practical questions.

We would be grateful if you both could address the questions raised.

The unacceptable situation of foreign nationals committing serious crimes in our country and then being allowed continued circulation with the general public on release from prison, has brought the press and media and public opinion to boiling point.

I hope you also agree that this state of affairs is unacceptable.

However, we believe that there is an even bigger problem that, as yet, has not even been addressed.

So in view of this unravelling situation would you both, as the relevant Ministers please provide answers to the following questions:

1. Can Britain deport EU foreign nationals, in view of the right of ‘free movement,’ which the Single European Act and other agreements confers on all EU member state citizens?

2. If the answer is yes, how can such people be prevented from re-entry? EU member state passport holders, it appears, can enter the UK on the same status as UK citizens returning home, and in the same queue. For your information:

Free movement of people is a basic pillar of the single area the European Union (EU) has been building since its creation…

…the notion of "free movement" is used in two senses. First, in the traditional sense of free movement and secondly in the sense of being able to cross the internal borders without undergoing checks.

Source: Free movement within the EU - a fundamental right

3. Have any steps been taken to prevent known criminals from EU countries entering the UK? Is there a central register of everyone who has committed a serious criminal offence in any EU Member State?

4. Do UK authorities have records of people entering the UK who have been convicted of paedophilia or any sexual offence in their own country?

5. Are these people placed on the National Sex Offenders’ Register? I hope this question has a positive answer. It is simply unthinkable that a Government would admit such people within the ‘free movement of people,’ but at this moment in time it is far from clear how any exclusion is possible.

6. Within all of the treaties and agreements made over the last 33 years, has any provision been made to control and prevent Europe’s criminal class entering other countries undetected, with the obvious serious consequences for public safety?

7. Considering the right conferred on EU foreign nationals to enter this country, are records available identifying crime levels committed by those who can enter without, it appears, restrictions?

8. If we accept that the Government’s first responsibility is to safeguard its citizens, how can it surrender its duty to know who is in the country by allowing anyone with an EU passport absolute, unchallenged entry?

9. How many people have taken advantage of 'free movement' since the 10 accession countries joined the EU on May 1st 2004 and how many of those had criminal convictions for sex offences?

We would appreciate a prompt reply to these questions and I really implore you for straight answers.

I look forward to your response.

Yours sincerely,

Neil Herron and Colin Moran
The People’s No Campaign
12 Frederick Street


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