Saturday, March 25, 2006

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Metropolitan Police lends an Ear

John Yates, the deputy assistant commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, has asked for the parliamentary investigation into the 'cash for peerage scandal', to be postponed.

Sir David Garrard, the property millionaire, who loaned £2.3m, Chai Patel, head of the Priory Clinic, who loaned £1.5m, Sir Gulam Noon, who loaned £250,000, and Barry Townsley, who loaned £1m, are due to appear before next week's Commons public administration committee. All look likely to be interviewed by the Police.

Anyone offered an honour is required to declare in the letter of nomination any financial connections to a political party. It is understood none of the four nominees had declared their Labour loans.

The police are also interested in Lord Levy, the prime minister's chief fundraiser. If charges are brought they would be the first prosecutions in almost 80 years. Not since the Honours broker supreme - and crafty poisoner "His Excellency J. Maundy Gregory" has anyone been prosecuted under The Honours (Prevention of Abuses) Act was passed in 1925.


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