Monday, December 12, 2005

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Always frown with Golden Brown

In May 1999 Gordon (Enron) Brown ordered the Bank of England to sell 415 tons (more than half) of Britain's gold reserves.

It was said that the sale would raise about £4 billion, of which 40pc was converted into euros, 40pc into dollars and 20pc into Japanese yen. It saw Britain's gold reserve reduce from 715 tonnes to 300 tonnes.

So what do we learn today Gold is at 24-Year High

(1 GBP)
1999-05-07 May 07, Friday 1.635 USD
2005-11-08 November 08, Tuesday 1.7415 USD

(1 GBP)
1999-05-07 May 07, Friday 1.51656 EUR
2005-11-08 November 08, Tuesday 1.47923 EUR

(1 GBP)
1999-05-07 May 07, Friday 197.476 JPY
2005-11-08 November 08, Tuesday 203.93 JPY

So much for Brown's investment in Euro's

Time to reclassify or even strangle Golden Brown, the skunk smell's a bit iffy.



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