Saturday, November 26, 2005

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Battle won, but not the War

Robin de Crittenden beats Worcester Council but only on a technicality. Robin de Crittenden's aim was to use the 1689 Bill of Rights to overturn a parking ticket fine of £60 issued by Worcester City Council but the National Parking Adjudication Service's adductor, after taking advice from a High Court judge, allowed the appeal but on the technicality...that Worcester Council had conveniently failed to supply any evidence of a Traffic Regulation Order.

One has to give credit to NPAS and the Government for squirming and wriggling on this, as to uphold the appeal based on the Bill of Rights 1689 would cost local councils in excess of £1,000,000,000 and if not, I can go back to buying my Bananas in pounds and ounces.

I personally think that the Peoples No Campaign need to stop mucking about now and hoist this Government by its own petard. Offence is sometimes your best Defence

Section 7 of the Human Rights Act 1998, states that

A person who claims that a public authority has acted (or proposes to act) in a way which is made unlawful by section 6(1) may-

(a) bring proceedings against the authority under this Act in the appropriate court or tribunal, or
(b) rely on the Convention right or rights concerned in any legal proceedings,
but only if he is (or would be) a victim of the unlawful act.

Section 11 A person's reliance on a Convention right does not restrict-

(a) any other right or freedom conferred on him by or under any law having effect in any part of the United Kingdom

Come on Neil, go for it, they can not use the provisions of section 4 in this instance. The Bill of Rights 1689 and Magna Carta is the foundation of international law.

Full background can be read in various posts at Neil Herron's Blog



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