Tuesday, November 22, 2005

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I see no Willie

"It is regrettable what has happened to Scotland's regiments. It should not have. I think the government has made a terrible mistake, but four years down the road it may be impossible to disinter the regiments from what is being proposed" - David Cameron, MP

David (Cam is on) Cameron said that too much time would have elapsed by the time the Tories returned to power, even if they won the next election, to reverse the decision to amalgamate Scotland's individual regiments.

So what other decisions does he think he will be unable to reverse. Does he not understand that "No Parliament can bind its successor" If he doesn't understand this basic concept of the constitution, what hope for the conservative party, if he became leader?

note: 15 years ago today, Margaret Thatcher resigned. (this was the last time a Tory leader had a willie as well as balls)



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