Thursday, October 19, 2017

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Woman is to blame for global warming

In the beginning, man was happy to wait for the apple to fall from the the tree, crush it, ferment the resultant juice and then sit by the fire outside the cave entrance and drink it. But no, woman had to pick it and eat it. 

Not happy with having to bash her mans loin cloth on a rock by a stream or with brushing the cave floor with a bunch of twigs on a stick,, she wanted a whole load of labour saving devices.

This resulted in her man building a fossil fuel burning power station to drive her washing machine, spin dryer, eye level grill,  fan oven, vacuum cleaner, hair dryer, curling tongs and latterly a battery charger. 

So what about the car you ask? 

Well, she wanted to visit her bloody mother in Inverness.


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