Wednesday, October 10, 2012

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Badge of Honour

Two more abuse allegations have been made against Sir Jimmy Savile, while efforts continue to remove tributes and memorials to him.

The BBC is to appoint either Lord Oxburgh , Sir Muir Russell or Freddy Star to independently chair its inquiry into complaints of sexual abuse made against Jimmy Savile.

The BBC Trust chairman, European Union Commission pensioner Lord Patten said the probe into what he called the "cesspit" of allegations would begin "as soon as the police give us a green light".

So Jimmy was GREEN and commited his deeds under the glare of solar powered low energy light bulbs.

now then, now then, another establishment cover up


Blogger Brian said...

May I request that you use your superb graphic skills to produce a CESSPIT logo in the style of the BBC Gill Sans "Blocks" logo.

3:19 pm  
Blogger Brian said...

Superb! Many thanks.

Re Savile et al's kiddie fiddling, I bet the smug beeboids are glad they dropped the "It's What We Do" slogan.

5:16 pm  

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