Thursday, February 10, 2011

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Parliament tells ECHR to fuck off

Walk like and Egyptian

nuff said,

However, there is an Elephant in the room

Article 6 of the European Union Lisbon Treaty.


on further reading I forgot that the UK has an opt-out

UK’s opt-out, a protocol added to the Lisbon treaty states that:

The charter does not extend the ability of the [European] Court of Justice, or any court or tribunal of the United Kingdom, to find that the laws, regulations or administrative provisions, practices or action of the United Kingdom are inconsistent with the fundamental rights, freedoms and principles that it reaffirms.

In particular, and for the avoidance of doubt, nothing in Title IV of the charter creates justiciable rights applicable to the United Kingdom, except in so far as the United Kingdom has provided for such rights in its national law.

The effect of this protocol essentially is that the charter cannot be used to challenge current UK legislation in the courts or to introduce new rights in UK law. Therefore the Charter of Fundamental Rights is not to be justiciable in British courts or alter British law’.


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