Monday, January 24, 2011

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Sir Paul Nurse, peer reviewd

The arshole is talking bollocks

In tonight's BBC Horizon program he stated that he ran out into the streets of 1950's London to see the Russian satellite sputnik orbit.


peer to peer sir Paul, you are talking


(sputnik2 note: time of day)

I have just sent an e-mail to the press office of the Royal Society

Hi, Just watched Horizon on BBC2,

Here is a challenge for Sir Paul Nurse. I will debate with him, on live television the sham science that is Global Warming.

Note: I am not a scientist ( I left school at 15 with no academic qualifications) but I will expose Sir Paul as a charlatan.

If he accepts I will provide real name and address


Just sent a similar e-mail to the BBC

lets see just how brave these fuckers are.

When it comes to old age satisfaction, take note Lynda Bellingham........ah! Bisto


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