Tuesday, December 15, 2009

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Carlisle... a sterile petri dish

The final 14 finalists hoping to be named the UK's first city of culture in 2013 have been revealed.

The cities are Barnsley, Birmingham, Carlisle, Chichester, Hull, Ipswich and the Haven Gateway, Norwich, Portsmouth and Southampton and Sheffield. The county of Cornwall is also in the running, along with Derry, Southend, Durham and Swansea

Carlisle as a city, certainly has history and plenty of it. (At one time, it was the capital of England) But as a border city, its culture is neither Scottish nor English. In fact, in the past it has struggled to associate itself with the county of Cumberland never mind the 1970’s construct Cumbria. Any city that has to shut off its streets on a Saturday night is as cultured as a Spanish costa in mid winter. In fact, Carlisle City Council is bordering on bankruptcy and in a phrase, is a sterile petri dish.


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