Thursday, October 29, 2009

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Still not Mate on Lisbon

It is been reported tonight that EU leaders have given the Czech president a UK-style opt-out that he demanded in return for signing the Lisbon Treaty.

However, it should be noted that Gordon Brown dose not have full powers to agree to the Czech Republic opt-out, as he is only our Prime Minister and not the STATE.

As the UK Parliament ratified the Treaty with the Czech Republic opted-in, then the change has to be agreed to by our Parliament first.

United Nations Convention on the Law of Treaties.....Article 17 - Consent to be bound by part of a treaty and choice of differing provisions

1. Without prejudice to articles 19 to 23, the consent of a State to be bound by part of a treaty is effective only if the treaty so permits or the other contracting States so agree.

2. The consent of a State to be bound by a treaty which permits a choice between differing provisions is effective only if it is made clear to which of the provisions the consent relates.


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