Saturday, August 01, 2009

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9 years ago, I remember very vividly sitting eating my evening meal when; all of a sudden I felt very hot, my skin began to tingle and my vision became tunnelled. In fact, I remember my peripheral vision darkening until there was just a pinhead of light and then the face of my farther came into view. At the time, I was with my own family; my farther wasn’t even there, he was 80 miles away. I can remember feeling quite faint but within a minuet I was feeling quite fine, as though nothing had happened and I just carried on with my meal.

At 6 am the following morning, I had a telephone call from my sister who was calling to tell me my farther had died during the night. I wont go into details but I had been estranged from my farther for 15 years and I was never made aware of what had, at the time, been recently diagnosed as a heart condition.

Anyway, that aside; I had never experianced that hot and tunnelled vision problem before or since. That is, until this evening………and this time the face was that of J. D. Salinger

What does this mean?


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