Sunday, May 03, 2009

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reacting to headlines

Voices from within the Labour party have cast more doubt on Gordon Brown's authority and some have gone as far as predicting certain defeat at the next General Election.

One said: "We can still turn this round but Gordon is not listening. He is lashing out and reacting to headlines. It's all so reminiscent of the last months of John Major."

Another said: "We are giving the impression that we have lost control of our own side. We have to get a grip, give him better advice, otherwise there will be more talk of leadership challenges, which is the last thing we want."

Tom Harris, MP (A Jockey waiting to ride the stalking horse) said things were "as bad as they've ever been".

UPDATE: The House of Commons is censoring details of expense claims.

UPDATE: The Mail on Sunday reports that Peter Mandelson had to calm Gordon Brown down after he lost his temper following TV interviews during the week and that Charles Clarke is calling for Ed Balls and Tom Watson to be sacked.

UPDATE: The Sunday Times reports that Labour Peer Baroness Uddin has claimed £100,000 for a flat which is empty.

It's all kciking off. Who will be brave enough to stand as the 'stalking donkey'


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