Saturday, February 28, 2009

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The view from your office window seldom changes

Common Purpose (CP) is largely unknown to the general public. It recruits and trains its leaders to work "beyond authority," to abuse their posts and serve Common Purpose, instead of their own departments, which they then undermine.

Its members control the NHS, where it wastes £60 billion a year, much of it going into private pockets; and Common Purpose controls most of Britains 8,500 quangos which, according to the Cabinet Office, spend £167 billion annually (most of the money is wasted). Common Purpose leaders even manage the numerous fake charities which have sprung up over the years.

How many of these Common Purpose trained individuals work for the BBC?

It is reported that the BBC is going to do a radio programme about Common Purpose on the Donal Macintyre show, Radio 5 live - Sunday March 8th at 7pm


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