Thursday, February 12, 2009

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I have a Logic Failure

In a response to a question about the banning the Dutch politician Geert Wilders from entering Britain Lord Pugwash of Spit-in-image: told peers in the House of Lords

“Under European law a member state of the European Economic Area may refuse entry to a national of another EEA state if they constitute a threat to public policy, public security or public health.”

So, in the light of the recent debacle at the Lindsey Oil Refinery should the British Government expel and then ban all workers from EU member states from entering Britain.

For are they not too, a threat to public security and public health?

What is the difference between protesting British Muslims and protesting British Workers?

If Jaqui Smith can drag herself away from fiddling her expenses, she may wish to look at this Case C-115/81 Adoui and Cornuaille

Invitation to Mr Wilders.......you are more than welcome to lodge at my residence in order for you to fight your appeal in this case.



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