Wednesday, June 04, 2008

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Not Flash Just Gordon

In real life, he is struggling to keep control of his own party while Britain faces economic problems. Daily Telegraph

This is Gordon Brown never seen before - a marvel comic good-guy with chisel-jaw features and a steely resolve.

'SuperGordon' is the hero in the new edition of the U.S-produced Captain Britain cartoon strip in which the British Prime Minister leads a counterattack to destroy the Skrull plan for world domination.

The prime minister devises a masterplan when he discovers that three of his cabinet members are really aliens in disguise who aim to targete the Cheviot Hills, which conceal the gateway to a hidden world of supernatural powers.

The PM, sitting in a room that looks suspiciously like it might overlook Downing Street, commands Captain Britain to spearhead the crucial counter-attack against the the deadly alien force.

He assigns home-grown superheroes - including a female operative named Spitfire - to Britain's top secret MI13 intelligence agency to see off the Skrull threat.

The internationally popular comic first featured Captain Britain in 1976 as the UK equivalent to Captain America.


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