Sunday, March 23, 2008

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Bells on Sunday

The bell tower at the Buchenwald Monument stands on the southern slope of Ettersberg hill overlooking the city of Weimar. The sculpture in front of monument, is to honour Anti-Nazi resistance fighters.

A bronze bell in the tower rings every hour on the hour.

The city of Weimar, is where a German national assembly gathered to write and adopt a constitution for Germany, following the countries defeat in the first World War

The Weimar Republic was established in February 1919 and lasted until this day in March 1933, when the state's interior was replaced with Hitler's so-called "Third Reich"

So, today, when you hear a bell ring, remember, it was 75 years ago this day, that elected parliamentarians, by voting a law through an elected parliament, transferred it's sovereignty to a dictatorship.

More European Union anyone?


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